2012 Fall Salon Results

Thank you to all who entered the competition and congratulations to those that merited and placed!

A huge thanks goes out to our judges and our awesome Salon Committee for yet another great and successful salon!

The results…

Best of Show
Misty Morning – Rick Bauer

Portrait Category

  • 1st Place Seeing Double – Rick Bauer
  • 2nd Place The Boxer – Rick Bauer
  • 3rd Place Kickin Back – Heather Lynn
Illustrative Category
  • 1st Place Among the Clouds – Olis Garber
  • 2nd Place Serengetti Solitude – Rick Bauer
  • 3rd Place Red Rock Shoreline – Eric Holloway

Social Function

  • 1st Place Where’s my Mommy – Cliff Addy
  • 2nd Place Ballistrade Bride – Scott Beahan

Electronic Maniuplation

  • 1st Place The Sentinel – Olis Garber
  • 2nd Place Focused Determination – Steve Spharler

Commercial Category

  • 1st Place Fort Pulaski – Scott Beahan
  • 2nd Place Push Harder – Pat Lowe

Electronic Art

  • 1st Place Hello Alice – Keely Deuschle

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