2017 Salon Results

We wanted to extend our congratulations to everyone who entered into the 2017 salon! We know that it can be a little nerve-wracking to put your work out for judging, but we had 126 entries from 18 participants, 5 of whom were first time competitors!

We especially would like to congratulate  everyone who merited and to those who placed! The winning images and makers are listed below in their respective categories. Congratulations, everyone!


  1. River City Lights – Keith Bartholomew
  2. The Kimono Maker – Susan Michal
  3. Ghost Trails – Keith Bartholomew

EA – Electronic Art

  1. The Observers – Tom Grzybala
  2. Country Road – Tom Grzybala
  3. Blue Heron – Tom Grzybala

EM – Electronic Manipulation

  1. The Hand – Diana Halstead
  2. A Screwed City – Diana Halstead
  3. Shadows – Ken McBride

First Time Ever with a Category being the most popular. We pulled a People’s Choice with ties.


  1. Nigella – Jackie Kramer
  2. Mystic River – Keith Bartholomew
  3. Perfect Harmony – Dana Heisler
  4. Night Fall – Dana Heisler
  5. Light Painted Tulips – Jackie Kramer
  6. Shades of Pink – Susan Michal


  1. A Content Life – Susan Michal
  2. Pack Politics – Pat Lowe
  3. First Catch – Jim Dvorak

Social Function

  1. Life is beautiful with You – Derick Le
  2. From Seattle with Love – Derick Le
  3. Wedding Ring On Red – Jackie Kramer


Nigella – Jackie Kramer
Honorable Mention:  Mystic River – Keith Bartholomew

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