Jim and Adrienne Abrisch Scholarship

In October 2019, the Board of Directors voted to award two JPPG all-access passes to our 2020 mini-seminars rather than to FPW. The remainder of scholarship criteria remain the same.

Each year, two $300 Jim and Adrienne Abrisch Scholarships are awarded to JPPG members to attend the upcoming Florida Professional Photographers (FPP) Florida School held in Daytona Beach, FL. Jim and Adrienne were JPPG members who tragically died in a small plane crash in Jacksonville in December of 2001. The scholarship recipients are randomly drawn at the Annual JPPG Christmas Party from entries earned during the current calendar year. Each JPPG member can earn entries into the drawings based on their activity and service.

Entries for the first scholarship are earned through attendance and active membership

  • Members receive one entry for each general meeting attended but must attend a minimum of six (6) meetings during the year to qualify for the drawing
  • One extra entry is earned for attendance at the Christmas Party

Entries for the second scholarship are earned through service. Members who serve on the JPPG Board of Directors or as a committee member receive a single entry into the drawing (only one entry per person).

Additional details:

  • Scholarships are valid only towards Florida School tuition
  • Scholarships are non-transferrable
  • Scholarships have no cash value
  • JPPG will pay scholarship funds directly to FPP
  • Members can only receive one scholarship (even if their name is drawn from both drawings)
  • Recipients cannot have redeemed a JPPG scholarship in the last 3 years
  • The balance of the Florida School tuition and all other expenses such as transportation and lodging are the responsibility of the recipient
  • Two alternates will be drawn for each scholarship in the event that winners are unable to attend
  • If the winner for either scholarship is unable to attend and the early registration discount has expired, JPPG will fund 50% of the increase for the alternate

Jeff Nelson, 2011 Recipient: “I want to say how grateful I am to JPPG for the scholarship to Florida School this past year. The experience was inspiring in so many ways. I was able to meet so many wonderful photographers who reinforced the importance of relationships and continuous learning in photography. Both of these ideas were evident throughout the entire week. Bruce and Josh Hudson were my instructors for the week and the attention they gave their students was unbelievable. Many photographers pay big bucks for a day with the Hudsons, but we had their attention for the week…lunches, dinners, after hours…we were with them the whole time. As great as the Hudsons are, what was also unique was how everyone in the class was able to contribute to the overall education experience, from the master photographer to the novice, each brought their own insights and experiences together in a collaborative effort so that everyone learned new things. I’m excited about the new skills and techniques that I learned at Florida School, but more than that, I am excited about the new relationships I made during the week. All the skills in the world don’t mean anything without the people. Once again, thank you JPPG for giving me that opportunity and for sponsoring the chance for others to do the same.”

Heather Lynn, 2011 Recipient: “Thank you, thank you for blessing me with the opportunity to go to Florida School this year. It was so full of wonderful information and great times. I was able to learn from Bruce and Josh Hudson’s class. They covered a full week of marketing, business, and photography all wrapped up together. Not only did they talk freely and openly about how they have made their business work, they were so personal and tried to help each of us individually and as a group for our businesses. They taught us how to apply and to put into practice what we learned. I loved how they wanted to be a part of the class during class time and throughout the evening, allowing us to continue the discussions and continue the fun. If you are ever able to take their class…DO IT…you won’t regret it! As an aspiring professional photographer, I am so grateful for the opportunity to start with all the tools I was able to learn because of the gift of the Abrisch Scholarship to Florida School. I now feel better equipped to be a business owner and not just someone who loves to photograph.”

Sarah Pascual, 2010 Recipient: “The first time I had heard of Florida School was in 2006. It really did not become even a glimmer of a possibility until I joined JPPG in 2010 and learned of the Abrisch Scholarship. I applied for it with the notion of what’s meant to be will be, and I cannot tell you how excited I was when I received the congratulatory phone call. After much deliberation…I chose my class: High Octane Weddings with Curt Littlecott. Overall, the class was more than I expected. We talked in detail about how to achieve different lighting scenarios and capturing true emotion from our couples, then we actually went out on shoots and applied what we had talked about. Instead of just telling or showing us how to pose individuals, couples, and groups, Curt selected a different person each time to take the lead and pose the models. Curt would then offer advice or assistance on the posing and lighting, which was really effective for hands on learners such as me. Probably the most fun portion of the class was using our classmates to form family and bridal party groups, an exercise that proved very useful in the wedding I had the following weekend.”

Devin Faulkner, 2009 Recipient: “I’d like to thank everyone at JPPG for my scholarship to the 2010 Florida School. It was truly an amazing week; each day was full to the brim with learning, fellowship, and fun! I gained knowledge and experiences from Florida School that I will use every day, and gained many new friends that share my passion for Photography. I’m now looking forward to future state events and will do my best to be a part of them. The value of being a member of the JPPG and the FPP has exceeded my expectations in ways not imagined.”