Linda Long – July 23rd Program

Competition- turning your art into money and marketing

Linda Long, M. Photog. Cr., CPP, FDPE, FSA, FED

Fifteen years ago Linda started a photography business on a whim.  Her hobby quickly grew into a full time endeavor and has grown into the premier Tallahassee portrait and wedding studio.  Linda is the FPP Competition Manager and an IPC juror in training.  She has earned: 2017 FPP Photographer of the Year, The Becker Award, five time Florida Top Ten Photographer, six time Tallahassee Photographer of the Year, and lots of other accolades for her work.

Competition is more than simply selecting and entering your best photographs.  It is a journey which challenges makers to push the limits of their skills and it forces them to grow and change, becoming better photographers through the process.  While competition is widely regarded as the best way to learn and grow, it is rarely seen as a money making endeavor.  Join Linda as she shows you how to turn competition work into a viable component of your business– from bringing in new clients, gaining respect from the community, garnering greater client loyalty and even how you can get clients to pay you to photograph for competition!

$25 Guest Fee
(Non-JPPG Members)


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Rick Ferro Workshop – June 30th

Do you want to make more money with your portraits? Learn how to pose and light your clients and increase your income at Rick Ferro’s workshop. Rick is a lead photographer and trainer for Walt Disney World. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a master photographer!


  • Get hands on experience and guidance with posing and lighting couples and individuals
  • Bring your camera! Two shooting bays. Pose models, get feedback to refine and shoot
  • Experiment with the newest LED products and off camera flash equipment.
  • The location is in a large bay behind the Shoppes of St. Johns. Plenty of parking is available.
  • Bring your camera, note taking materials and questions for Rick Ferro
  • Two restaurants are located in the shopping center for a convenient group lunch

Sign up at the JPPG meeting on June 25th with check or cash, or email about mailing a check.

Lighting is Everything! June 25th Program

Rick Ferro

As a lead photographer and trainer for the Disney Corporation, Rick Ferro will teach you his style of lighting and posing that landed him the job at Disney in 1993 to develop and train their photographers. His award winning images have been seen all over the world and he has received international awards and recognition.

Rick loves to teach and is looking forward to sharing his expertise so you can create beautiful portraits your clients will love!  His comprehensive program will cover:

  • Effective Use of Light
  • How to control the sun in harsh conditions
  • Off-Camera Flash
  • Led Lighting  /  Specialty Lighting using Rotolight
  • Importance of Body Language and posing
  • Posing & lighting couples
$25 Guest Fee
(Non-JPPG Members)

Even if you only photograph the occasional portrait or are a full time wedding photographer, you will benefit from Rick’s lifetime of experience he is graciously happy to share with you. You can look forward to live demonstrations and behind the scenes tips and tricks. We look forward to seeing you at Rick’s program on June 25th!

***Followed by Rick’s bio, model and set-up images, then the typical JPPG wrap-up

May 28th Program – Hands on Headshots

Hands on Headshots

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

6:30pm Social 30, 7:00pm Program

A Workshop with your expert guides,

Michael Joseph, M.Photog Cr., FDPE, FED and Tammy Czigan, CPP, FED, FSA

Do you struggle with creating a headshot that your client loves without taking dozens of images? Would you like to learn how to analyze faces and create more flattering light on your client’s faces?  Then don’t miss the JPPG Hands on Headshots workshop!

Come prepared to work from both sides of the camera. That’s right, it’s headshot night at the guild meeting! Bring your camera, favorite portrait lens and dress in any style you choose for your new headshot.

We will begin with 10 practical tips on lighting and posing and move right into the hands-on workshop and you will photograph each other. Two lighting set ups will be in place.

Get the best headshot you can of each person you photograph, because at the June meeting we will pick a winner! You will be given instructions on how to submit the headshots you take. Our committee will narrow the choices and you will vote on your favorite headshot at our June meeting.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

When and Where?

We meet at the Ramada Inn in Mandarin (I-295 and San Jose Blvd). Social time begins at 6:30pm with announcements and meeting beginning at 7:00pm.

People’s Choice

Members, don’t forget your 8×10-ish entry for People’s Choice. The categories are portrait and landscape. You may enter into one or both. All entries must be submitted by 6:51pm. Can’t make it to the meeting? Send your images with a friend!

Not a JPPG Member? No Problem. You are welcome to attend and the cost is only $25/event. You may pay in advance (below) or at the door. Guest fee is waived for first time visitors only, so your very first meeting is FREE!  Just let us know at check-in.

$25 Guest Fee
(Non-JPPG Members)

Michael Joseph

Originally from Allentown, PA, Michael Joseph has traveled throughout the eastern U.S., photographing people and their pets. With over 30 years, 16 states and thousands of portrait sessions behind him, he has photographed every stage of life and type of person that you could put in front of him. He is a walking encyclopedia of his craft.

He received his Master of Photography and Craftsman degrees from PPA, the Florida Photographer of the Year from FPP, Highest Case Score, and the North Florida Photographer of the Year. Some additional distinctions include three-time Florida Top Ten List, Kodak Gallery Award recipient, and the FDPE, FED degrees from Florida Professional Photographers.

Tammy Czigan

With an outgoing personality and a background in recruiting, Tammy is adept at quickly putting her headshot clients at ease.  She has photographed hundreds of headshots and a large percentage of them on a green screen. She loves the challenge of getting a headshot that every client loves, especially the ones who walk in the door saying they hate having their headshot done.

Tammy has her Certified Professional Photographer from PPA and her FSA and FED degrees from Florida Professional Photographers. She has attended FPP’s Florida Photography Workshops 9 times and is happy to share the knowledge that was so generously shared with her.

Amanda Hunter – Stock Photography – 4/23 program

A few years into her career, Amanda stumbled into selling stock images. She realized that she had taken tons of images that were just sitting on her hard drive that could be making her extra money. I bet you do too! In her program, Making Money While You Sleep, Amanda will walk you through the differences between a few of the most popular stock websites, what sells, and what you can expect once you start putting your images out there. It’s never too soon to start making money while you sleep!

$25 Guest Fee
(Non-JPPG Members)

Amanda Hunter is a portrait and commercial photographer in Tallahassee, Florida. When she started her business 5 years ago, she never thought she’d be so involved in the photography community, serving as President of her local guild and volunteering with FPP and PPA. She’s working toward getting her Masters and Craftsman degrees through Professional Photographers of America and was ranked in the Top 10 Photographers in Florida in 2018.

Ken Bovat – 03/26 Program

Ken Bovat, Certified, Master Photographer, Craftsman, is the owner and sole photographer of Photo-Art by Ken Bovat in Claverack, New York.
He began his business in 1976, photographing mostly weddings and environmental portraits, working out of his home.

As his business grew, he relocated to an old railroad depot, which he converted into his current studio. His photography consists of weddings, portraits – specializing in High School Seniors, copy and restoration and a small amount of commercial photography.

Ken received his Master of Photography Degree from the Professional Photographers of America in 1988 and his Photographic Craftsman Degree in 1992. He was awarded Life Membership in 2014. In 1998, the professional Photographers’ Society of New York State awarded Ken the PPA National Award. Ken went on to serve a President of that organization in 2003-2004.

Ken Bovat

Ken is the recipient of numerous photographic awards on the local, state and international levels. He has lectured and presented photographic classes to many groups, both professional and amateur.

Artist Statement
Photography is my passion, as well as my profession. I use the power of light, color and composition to create an image that reflects a specific mood and meaning. I love creating new and different images that I hope will be enjoyed for generations.

Would you like to understand how color can make or break your images? Then this program is for you!

For any professional photographer, recognizing the conscious and subconscious influences of color is crucial to bridging the gap between what you are trying to communicate and what is actually perceived by the viewer.

We try to get you to think about color in ways you have never thought before.

We then connect it to people portraits and how certain colors can change a persons look. What color should you be photographed in and why.

Ken’s program will cover:
• Seeing color differently
• Recognizing the subconscious influences of certain colors
• How colors work together
• The nine types of color compositions
• Understanding skin color undertones


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Kevin Floyd – 02/26 Program

Kevin Floyd
Kevin Floyd

Kevin demonstrates his Photoshop Portrait retouching techniques as an open book.
How far can you go in Photoshop?   Until you get caught! 

His class is designed to show you exactly what he does and how he does it and how not to get caught.  There are little things and big things that changed his world and helped him transform and sell his photos.

He’ll share his bag of tricks from fixing dark teeth to opening eyes! He will cover whatever you need, so be prepared and bring your questions.
Whether you are new to Photoshop or are a seasoned veteran this class is designed for you! Master teacher Kevin Floyd has had over 20 years of full time classroom teaching experience on both the college and high school level including 10 years at the Prestigious Douglas Anderson School of the Arts.  Kevin is a Studio & Gallery Owner,  holds both Master & Craftsman Degrees and is Certified by the Professional Photographers of America.  Kevin is currently serving on the board of ASP and is a Past President of Jacksonville Professional Photographers Guild. He is working to earn his last speaking merit for PPA’s 100 merit teaching bar in 2019.

$25 Guest Fee
(Non-JPPG Members)

Outgoing President’s Message

It seems each year time just moves faster and faster! Having served as your guild president for the past 3 years, I wanted to take a minute and thank all our wonderful volunteers who have put in so much time, energy and dedication to the guild to make it what it is today.

And of course without all our great members we wouldn’t have a guild! So a big shout out to my fellow photographers and friends who I enjoy meeting and working with throughout the year. As members with common interests we all gain from each other’s support and comradery.

I joined the guild 18 years ago looking for some guidance on how to create a business out of my favorite hobby and not only learned a ton in the process, but have made some lifetime friendships. The photography industry continues to evolve and change, I have had to change and expanded my business over the years to service my customers efficiently.

I make jokes daily (not always funny ones) about how the business of photography has become less and less about taking pictures. Picture taking is now only 20% of what we do. Our studio has become its own lab and manufacturing facility doing everything from initial developing, retouching, printing, framing and finishing.

The president of the guild is officially a 2-year labor of love, (I loved it enough to do it for 3 years) but now having passed the torch, I am still working hard in my business and will still be an integral part of our guild helping to guide its future success. I am looking forward to the future, please know that I am here to help you should the need arise, and I appreciate your help and support too!



January 29th Program: Brad Hall – Videography 101

Please join us on Tuesday, January 29th, as Brad Hall from Tampa, Florida  presents Videography 101

With ever advancing imaging technology, video is more important than ever to understand and add to your professional service offerings.  Brad will provide an overview of basic video capture in a real-life scenario video shoot.  You will learn basic camera settings including suggested resolutions, frame rates, color profiles, sound, lighting, and more!

With over 30 years of experience, Brad provides photography and video services to clients from local social events to large scale commercial projects.


Featured on ESPN, MTV, Cosmopolitan, RedBook, The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, Inside Weddings, Headline News, Time, Florida Weddings Magazine, NBC Universal, CBS News, USA Today, Fox and Friends, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, America Online, Disney, Verizon Nationwide, Yahoo, In-Touch Magazine, The New York Daily News, the Kodak Image Gallery on Time Square, ABC, The Discovery Channel in addition to numerous other publications, billboards, menus, websites, brochures, marketing materials and broadcasts worldwide.

When and Where?

We meet at the Ramada Inn in Mandarin (I-295 and San Jose Blvd). Social time begins at 6:30pm with announcements and meeting beginning at 7:00pm.

People’s Choice

Members, don’t forget your 8×10-ish entry for People’s Choice. The categories are portrait and landscape. You may enter into one or both. All entries must be submitted by 6:51pm. Can’t make it to the meeting? Send your images with a friend!

Not a JPPG Member? No Problem. You are welcome to attend and the cost is only $25/event. You may pay in advance (below) or at the door. Guest fee is waived for first time visitors only, so your very first meeting is FREE!  Just let us know at check-in.

$25 Guest Fee
(Non-JPPG Members)