October 24th Program – Beautiful Boudoir with Rhea Lewis

R2017_TamaraKnightPhotog-49For our October 24th program, we are proud to welcome Rhea Lewis presenting her program, “The Beautiful Boudoir – Instilling Confidence in Others Through Portrait Photography.

This program will give insight into the transformational nature of boudoir photography for women; it’s not just about taking pretty pictures. It discusses why everyday women seek this style of photography experience; if there is enough of a market for it and if you can build a business with it.  It will go over what it takes to be successful in this market and if this genre is right for you.  The speaker will share her personal journey into this style and why she has chosen it.  She will then go over how she does it; from lead generation. to booking clients, to client consultation, to her version of the boudoir experience, her set design process, posing and flattering your subject, special editing techniques, sales presentation, ad her pricing strategy.  She is an open book and eager to share her knowledge in this new and empowering experience for women from all walks of life.

Biography: Rhea Lewis, CPP, is an award-winning portrait photographer. She has been in business as a professional photographer over the past 13 years, and owns a boutique studio in Jupiter, FL. She has received many accolades for her art. Her images have been on the cover of many publications including the cover of Florida Professional Photographer Magazine, Palm Beach Parenting and Style Magazine. She is a leader in her profession and has served as President of the local PPG Guild of the Palm Beaches and currently serves on the Board.

Rhea believes very strongly in continuing education, networking and sharing knowledge in her industry in order to foster the growth of all artists in a community of support and goodwill.  She entered the speaking circuit in 2017 and has hosted several PPA sponsored Super 1 Day programs.  She is always open to mentoring and assisting those new into the photographic industry and in particular those interested in pursuing the lucrative boudoir market.

At her boutique photography studio in Jupiter she enjoys a thriving high-end clientele. Rhea has been primarily a family and children photographer but over the past 4 years she has rapidly expanded her market to include boudoir and luxury women’s portraiture.  She has become a highly sought after studio for her boudoir specialty with her elegant, classy and sensual style, her warm and comfortable studio and her encouraging all women team. In her studio in Jupiter, clients can experience a pampering experience including professional hair and makeup, sip champagne and feel like a movie star while Rhea and he all women staff allows each women to express their true self while feeling beautiful and confident.  She strongly believes in uplifting women and that through this experience all women can rediscover the amazingly beautiful person they are, and have positive visual imagery to uplift their self-esteem.

When and Where?

We meet at the Ramada Inn in Mandarin (I-295 and San Jose Blvd). Social time begins at 6:30pm with announcements and meeting beginning at 7:00pm. Members, don’t forget your 8×10 entry for People’s Choice. The categories are portrait and landscape. You may enter into one or both!

Not a JPPG Member? No Problem! You are welcome to attend and the cost is only $25/event. You may pay in advance (below) or at the door.

$25 Guest Fee
(Non-JPPG Members)

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Proposed Slate for 2018 Board of Directors

At our September 26th meeting, Keely Deuschle presented the proposed slate of Board of Directors for 2018 to our Membership.

In accordance with our Bylaws, we are publishing the proposed slate of Officers and Elected Board members for review by our Members prior to the October 24th meeting, at which time the proposed slate will be voted upon by our Membership. Appointed Board Members are appointed by the President and will not be voted upon at the beginning of the meeting. At the October meeting, we will also accept any nominations from the floor. All nominations made from the floor must carry with them the consent of the persons so nominated.

As we present these Board members, we would also like to take a moment to thank Jeff Nelson, our current Board member, who will be stepping down. Jeff has given an incredible amount of time to the Guild and we are very grateful for his service.

Proposed Officers:
  • President – Dan Harris
  • 1st Vice President – Michael Joseph
  • 2nd Vice President – Keely Deuschle
  • Treasurer – Carol Charbonneau
  • Secretary – Melanie Miller
Appointed Board Member (Appointed by President):
  • Delegate – Tammy Czigan
Proposed General (Elected) Board Members:
  • Board Member – Pat Lowe
  • Board Member – Ken Moran
  • Board Member – Dana Heisler

2017 Salon Results

We wanted to extend our congratulations to everyone who entered into the 2017 salon! We know that it can be a little nerve-wracking to put your work out for judging, but we had 126 entries from 18 participants, 5 of whom were first time competitors!

We especially would like to congratulate  everyone who merited and to those who placed! The winning images and makers are listed below in their respective categories. Congratulations, everyone!


  1. River City Lights – Keith Bartholomew
  2. The Kimono Maker – Susan Michal
  3. Ghost Trails – Keith Bartholomew

EA – Electronic Art

  1. The Observers – Tom Grzybala
  2. Country Road – Tom Grzybala
  3. Blue Heron – Tom Grzybala

EM – Electronic Manipulation

  1. The Hand – Diana Halstead
  2. A Screwed City – Diana Halstead
  3. Shadows – Ken McBride

First Time Ever with a Category being the most popular. We pulled a People’s Choice with ties.


  1. Nigella – Jackie Kramer
  2. Mystic River – Keith Bartholomew
  3. Perfect Harmony – Dana Heisler
  4. Night Fall – Dana Heisler
  5. Light Painted Tulips – Jackie Kramer
  6. Shades of Pink – Susan Michal


  1. A Content Life – Susan Michal
  2. Pack Politics – Pat Lowe
  3. First Catch – Jim Dvorak

Social Function

  1. Life is beautiful with You – Derick Le
  2. From Seattle with Love – Derick Le
  3. Wedding Ring On Red – Jackie Kramer


Nigella – Jackie Kramer
Honorable Mention:  Mystic River – Keith Bartholomew

Lightroom Seminar with Marty Grivjack


With Marty Grivjack

Monday, Sept. 25th… 7PM – 9PM

PLUS… Marty will add a bonus hour starting @ 6PM!

Just $59 – Register and pay online @ www.jppg.org
($10 goes toward JPPG education!)

Learn the Speedy Lightroom Workflow Process

Time is money. An efficient workflow lets you book more clients. Less PC time = more photography.
You can do in seconds in Lightroom what would take too long in Photoshop.

White Balance: The Mystery Is Gone!

Learn, in three (3) steps, how to color correct all of your images. Bring your WhiBal™ card, gray card,
Expodisk™, or whatever you color balance tool you have.

Develop Your RAW and JPG Images Instantly

Lightroom is the ULTIMATE RAW image processor. Make super-fast exposure, contrast, color balance,
and cropping adjustments to your images and copy those settings to your images in a blink.
Marty uses Lightroom to process and manage all of his client and personal work. 
Everything he teaches comes from real-life usage trial-and-error
and you’ll benefit from his easy to learn problem-solving methods
and techniques that save time and increase profits!
Please Note: if you would prefer private time with Marty, he is available during the day Tuesday until 2PM
and if needed, Wednesday morning as well!
Call Michael Joseph at 904-509-2133 to reserve your time-slot, details and pricing.
Register Below for Monday, September 25th Seminar from 7-9pm

September 26th – Image Competition and Salon

Yes! It’s that time again…

JPPG Image Competition/Review/Salon/Education!
All of the above!

Tuesday, September 26th is right around the corner, so get your images ready!

Early Bird Entry is Friday, September 22nd at midnight! Just $40.

Last Chance Entry is Monday, September 25th at midnight! Increased rate is $55.

1st Time Ever Participants… NO Entry FEE!

Please send JPEGs to mjjoseph@me.com
Make them 4000 pixels on the longest side for single images.
Name them according to this example… jones_P8_See_Spot_Run.jpg

• A full entry is 6 images.

• NEW feature… you may now enter additional images beyond 6 for just $5 each!
(only your top 6 count toward awards)

• NEW feature… you may now enter fewer than 6 images according to this scale:
1 – $15 2 – $20 3 – $25 4 – $30 5 – $35
For awards, it’s in your best interest to enter 6, but if your main purpose of entering is for education & review, this new feature is a terrific way to take the pressure off if you have fewer than 6 images ready!

Once again, our guest judges will be doing their job in the afternoon of the 26th
and will be giving educational critique at our 7:00 evening meeting…

Ramada Mandarin
3130 Hartley Rd.
Jacksonville, FL 32257

Please feel free to review the JPPG Salon Rules and Entry Forms!

To learn more about what makes a successful competition image, we encourage you to review the 12 Elements of a Successful Image.

There are TWO ways to pay your entry fee. You may pre-register by using the links below, or you can pay by check made out to “JPPG”.

Early registration link (up through 11:59pm Friday, September 22nd)

Select Number of Images Entering

Late registration link (beginning 12:00am on Saturday, September 23rd)

Select Number of Images Entering


Bylaws Update

As required by our organization’s bylaws, we are posting proposed changes to our bylaws for review by our Members. To view the proposed changes, please click here. (This requires Adobe Acrobat Reader which is a free download.)

Changes made include updates to membership categories, updates to Board member duties and responsibilities, clarification of guest fees, and general grammatical changes.

August 22nd Program – Sit, Stay, Smile – Pet Portraits with Michael Joseph

We have a special treat for you on Tuesday, August 22… the man with the voice made for radio and TV, a Master of Light, King of Tech, Sultan of Style, the Dog Whisperer, the Cat Charmer, the go-to guy for technical advice, and the guy with the Awesome Boots will be our August guest speaker… that’s right, you guessed it… it’s our very own MJ, doing a live demo with people and their pets! Assisting will be the love of his life, Karen! Both will be ready to answer an arsenal of questions and share their words of wisdom from a lifetime of portrait experience. Get ready!

When and Where?

We meet at the Ramada Inn in Mandarin (I-295 and San Jose Blvd). Social time begins at 6:30pm with announcements and meeting beginning at 7:00pm. Members, don’t forget your 8×10 entry for People’s Choice. The categories are portrait and landscape. You may enter into one or both!

Not a JPPG Member? No Problem! You are welcome to attend and the cost is only $25/event. You may pay in advance (below) or at the door.

$25 Guest Fee
(Non-JPPG Members)

afgan lab einstein a b small cat



July 25th Program – An Evening with Tim Kelly – EXCLUSIVE Appearance


Sponsored by WHCC

Please plan to join us on Tuesday, July 25th, for an EXCLUSIVE appearance – An Evening with Tim Kelly sponsored by WHCC.

While it would be impossible for this most awarded photographer to show you all of his secrets in one day, Tim will take you to overload with great ideas, inspiration and answers in this special evening appearance.

In professional photography over forty years, he has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share. His studio has always been on both the artistic and technological cutting edge, and his new studio, gallery and lab produce the finest work in the industry. He continues to prove himself over and over, taking the highest imaging honor – the Kodak Gallery Elite Award, for an unprecedented third time! In 2011 he set an award and print score record with his state entries. In 2014 he took the Kodak Gallery award for his portraiture in Florida, and then the regional Gallery Award for yet another image. In 2015 PPA Awarded Tim the Helen K. Yancy Award for his lifetime of influence in the industry.

Tim is a Master of Photography, Photographic Craftsman, Fellow of American Society of Photographers, International Portrait Master and life member of Cameracraftsmen of America. He has been widely published and has produced many educational materials for the professional portrait photographer. Tim is also a Kodak “Mentor” and has been inducted into the International Society of Portrait Artists, founded in Siena, Italy. His latest book, B&W Portraiture, behind the work of a legendary photographer” was released by Amherst Publishing in 2015. Also released in 2015 was the DVD “The Essential Tim Kelly Lighting Tutorials”, a most popular collection of his top three lighting videos on one disc.

If you are interested in advancing your portrait art, or your portrait sales, don’t miss a chance to hear Mr. Tim Kelly!

When and Where?

We meet at the Ramada Inn in Mandarin (I-295 and San Jose Blvd). Social time begins at 6:30pm with announcements and meeting beginning at 7:00pm. Members, don’t forget your 8×10 entry for People’s Choice. The categories are portrait and landscape. You may enter into one or both!

Not a JPPG Member? No Problem! You are welcome to attend and the cost is only $25/event. You may pay in advance (below) or at the door.

$25 Guest Fee
(Non-JPPG Members)

Kelly Imgs 014




JPPG President’s Message – Summer 2017

I would like to give a giant “shout out” to our all-volunteer board for doing a great job each month serving our members. And a special ‘shout-out’ to our programs director, Michael Joseph, for his continued work on booking us the BEST nationally recognized speakers! Be sure to let your board members know you appreciate their hard work.

Members of our guild have a real sense of professional pride as they continually strive toward improving their skills and becoming better photographers with an eye toward improving the photography industry, not just by their own work but by their influence on others they come in contact with. I have recently met several budding photographers looking for guidance, answers and sincere help. Most have acknowledged that webinars, seminars and internet research can only bring them so far in their photography career and they ultimately need a mentor to help bring them to the next level. This is where training with like-minded individuals at our meetings helps everyone to advance to that next level.

I too hope I can be the ‘voice of reason’ that can help improve our industry. I was recently contacted by a national real-estate company that contracts photographers to photograph properties throughout the city. They wanted me to set aside 2 days per week for appointments to shoot 40-50 photos of each property and then upload the best 35 images. They require their contractors to have many years of photographic experience, a full-frame sensor camera with a 14-24mm zoom and include all travel expenses. For which they will pay $50 per building but only if the uploaded photos are approved.

My commercial rate on a job like this would start at $2400. My operating costs alone would be $800. So I would have to shoot 8 buildings per day to barely pay my bills (is that even possible given drive times across town?) and 20+ to make any money. Needless to say I was VERY vocal with this vendor in telling them what I thought about their proposal!!! Sadly their pricing IS based on ‘market conditions’ nationally and they ARE able to find monkeys who are willing to work for peanuts. Please educate yourself, your family, your friends and your customers so we can improve our industry so more photographers can make a “living wage” doing what they love to do!


Dan Harris
Dan Harris, JPPG President