JPPG Archives – Guild Newsletter from 1978

JPPG has a long history. It goes back to the mid-1900s when it was known as the Professional Photographers Society of North Florida, or PPSNF. The name JPPG was recently only adopted within the last 10 years.

From time to time, we come across something that rewinds the hands of time in all of the history that we keep in many binders — newsletters, meeting minutes, marketing pieces, etc — and we get a glimpse of what the photography world and the Guild was like. This piece, however, was shared with us from one of our Members, Harry Forsythe.

 We’ll take you back through the JPPG Archives to 40 years ago to June 1978. 

Below are scans from a PPSNF Newsletter from June 1978. Some of our Members were Members back then, some were in their early childhood years, and some of our Members weren’t even born yet.

There’s a great article on Competition, too, that’s definitely worth the read. Enjoy this time machine travel back to 1978.

Click to enlarge each page of the newsletter image below.

JPPG Archives - PPSNF Newsletter June 1978

JPPG Archives - PPSNF Newsletter June 1978

JPPG Archives - PPSNF Newsletter June 1978

JPPG Archives - PPSNF Newsletter June 1978

JPPG Archives - PPSNF Newsletter June 1978

JPPG Archives - PPSNF Newsletter June 1978

JPPG Archives - PPSNF Newsletter June 1978

JPPG Archives - PPSNF Newsletter June 1978

2019 Proposed Slate for JPPG Board

Below is the proposed slate for the 2019 JPPG Board of Directors. This is being published in accordance with our bylaws.

The proposed slate includes:

President – Tammy Czigan
1st Vice President – Michael Joseph 
2nd Vice President – Leslie Evans
Treasurer – Dana Heisler
Secretary – Julie Worthy
Past President – Dan Harris
General Member – Pat Lowe
General Member – Ken McBride

Voting will occur at the October general meeting.

Preview the NEW Canon EOS R Mirrorless Camera

New Canon EOS R Mirrorless Camera

JPPG (Jacksonville Professional Photographers Guild) invites you to an evening with the New Full-Frame Canon EOS R Mirrorless Camera and its surrounding system. 
Tuesday, September 18th. No Charge!
We have arranged for Chuckie LuzierCanon’s Southeast Pro-Market Rep, to ship in the new Canon EOS R camera! This is a perfect opportunity for photographers to have a hands-on experience with the new system. 
  • A studio lighting set up will be in place for our use.
  • Bring your own SD card and you can leave with files that you actually photographed with the new camera.
  • Feel free to bring your own favorite lens or two to use on the new camera.
  • Participate in discussion of the new system… what you like about it and even what you might want to see in the future of the system and why. 
Please RSVP at as soon as you can… we need a head count!


Tuesday, September 18th. 
Come as early as 6:30 PM, but we will start promptly at 7 PM. 
NOTE: This is not our monthly meeting. It is a bonus evening due to the new camera! Our regular meeting this month is Tuesday, the 25th at the Ramada!


Joseph Photography
3758 Beauclerc Rd
Jacksonville FL 32257

Purchase Your Mini Seminars Online Now!

Thank you to everyone who registered for our 2018 Mini Seminars at Tuesday’s meeting! If you missed the meeting or were thinking of adding a few more classes, we have opened the classes up for online purchasing!

Some classes are just about sold out so don’t wait too long! If a class is sold out, you will not be able to add it to your cart. A printable copy of the classes is also available for you to look through.

Please visit our Mini Seminar page now to reserve your seat!

Proposed Slate for 2018 Board of Directors

At our September 26th meeting, Keely Deuschle presented the proposed slate of Board of Directors for 2018 to our Membership.

In accordance with our Bylaws, we are publishing the proposed slate of Officers and Elected Board members for review by our Members prior to the October 24th meeting, at which time the proposed slate will be voted upon by our Membership. Appointed Board Members are appointed by the President and will not be voted upon at the beginning of the meeting. At the October meeting, we will also accept any nominations from the floor. All nominations made from the floor must carry with them the consent of the persons so nominated.

As we present these Board members, we would also like to take a moment to thank Jeff Nelson, our current Board member, who will be stepping down. Jeff has given an incredible amount of time to the Guild and we are very grateful for his service.

Proposed Officers:
  • President – Dan Harris
  • 1st Vice President – Michael Joseph
  • 2nd Vice President – Keely Deuschle
  • Treasurer – Carol Charbonneau
  • Secretary – Melanie Miller
Appointed Board Member (Appointed by President):
  • Delegate – Tammy Czigan
Proposed General (Elected) Board Members:
  • Board Member – Pat Lowe
  • Board Member – Ken Moran
  • Board Member – Dana Heisler

Bylaws Update

As required by our organization’s bylaws, we are posting proposed changes to our bylaws for review by our Members. To view the proposed changes, please click here. (This requires Adobe Acrobat Reader which is a free download.)

Changes made include updates to membership categories, updates to Board member duties and responsibilities, clarification of guest fees, and general grammatical changes.

JPPG President’s Message – Summer 2017

I would like to give a giant “shout out” to our all-volunteer board for doing a great job each month serving our members. And a special ‘shout-out’ to our programs director, Michael Joseph, for his continued work on booking us the BEST nationally recognized speakers! Be sure to let your board members know you appreciate their hard work.

Members of our guild have a real sense of professional pride as they continually strive toward improving their skills and becoming better photographers with an eye toward improving the photography industry, not just by their own work but by their influence on others they come in contact with. I have recently met several budding photographers looking for guidance, answers and sincere help. Most have acknowledged that webinars, seminars and internet research can only bring them so far in their photography career and they ultimately need a mentor to help bring them to the next level. This is where training with like-minded individuals at our meetings helps everyone to advance to that next level.

I too hope I can be the ‘voice of reason’ that can help improve our industry. I was recently contacted by a national real-estate company that contracts photographers to photograph properties throughout the city. They wanted me to set aside 2 days per week for appointments to shoot 40-50 photos of each property and then upload the best 35 images. They require their contractors to have many years of photographic experience, a full-frame sensor camera with a 14-24mm zoom and include all travel expenses. For which they will pay $50 per building but only if the uploaded photos are approved.

My commercial rate on a job like this would start at $2400. My operating costs alone would be $800. So I would have to shoot 8 buildings per day to barely pay my bills (is that even possible given drive times across town?) and 20+ to make any money. Needless to say I was VERY vocal with this vendor in telling them what I thought about their proposal!!! Sadly their pricing IS based on ‘market conditions’ nationally and they ARE able to find monkeys who are willing to work for peanuts. Please educate yourself, your family, your friends and your customers so we can improve our industry so more photographers can make a “living wage” doing what they love to do!


Dan Harris
Dan Harris, JPPG President




JPPG President’s Message – April 2017

“Hands-on March” was a big success. First we had a special workshop March 19th with the incredible Hanson Fong from San Francisco. It was a beautiful sunny day in the park and Hanson gave us some great ideas about how to professionally light a portrait session in most any lighting condition. We had live models, several photo stations and lots of photographers helping photographers. Everyone had a good time.

At our March meeting we had 3 hands-on photography stations: portraits, headshots and outdoor constant lights. Many members learned some new ideas and key information that will really help their photography improve and their business grow. Don’t forget to bring your 8×10 prints from those shootouts to enter into our People’s choice competition at April’s meeting. We will still have the standard categories, but also an additional table for the shootout images and the first place winner at the ‘shootout’ table will get a Chili’s gift card! Don’t miss it.

This is what our group is all about: Photographer’s helping photographers! Several people at these events had ‘camera issues’ which we were able to fix. They finally got their equipment to work correctly! Too often ‘online’ instruction, webinars and videos can only teach you up to a certain point. It often takes some actual hands-on help and assistance with a real pro to get you over the final hurdle giving you the critical information you need to turn your study into practical knowledge you can use. We are glad we can all be part of this great group and look forward to everyone’s future success!


Dan Harris
Dan Harris, JPPG President