JPPG 2016 Award Recipients

Our Annual Holiday party and Awards Banquet was a perfect end to a great year in the Guild. One of the highlights of the JPPG Holiday Party is the presentation of the JPPG End of Year Awards. We would like to extend congratulations to our Members who were recipients of these well-deserved awards.

Photographer of the Year – Melanie Miller
Competitor of the Year Award – Pat Hutton
First Time Competitor Award – Michael “Feather” Frame
Marie Moran Education Award – Keith Bartholomew
Marjorie Sharpe Service Award – Michael Joseph
People’s Choice Award – Leslie Ward

The following two Members are the recipients of the two Jim and Adrienne Abrisch Scholarships. Each will receive $300 toward their tuition for Florida Photography Workshops in June.

Michael Butler and Michael Joseph

Congratulations to all of our Award and Scholarship recipients!

2016 Salon Results

Our 2016 Salon was held on October 25th. Thank you to all who entered and congratulations to all who merited and those who placed! We would also like to thank our judges, Susan Michal, Kira Derryberry, and Linda Long, as well as our moderator, Olis Garber.

Best of Show and 1st Place Commercial - Should I Have One More by Pat Hutton

Best of Show and 1st Place Commercial – Should I Have One More by Pat Hutton

First Place Illustrative - Inferno - Shelley Gill

First Place Illustrative – Inferno – Shelley Gill

First Place Portrait - Crested Turaco - Victor Barrera

First Place Portrait – Crested Turaco – Victor Barrera

First Place Social Function - Morning Glory - Derick Le

First Place Social Function – Morning Glory – Derick Le

First Place Electronic Imaging - Lady Liberty - Feather Frame

First Place Electronic Imaging – Lady Liberty – Feather Frame

Second Place Commercial - Bringing Them In - Pat Lowe

Second Place Commercial – Bringing Them In – Pat Lowe

Second Place Illustrative - Sunrise On the Swamp - Pat Hutton

Second Place Illustrative – Sunrise On the Swamp – Pat Hutton

Second Place Portrait - Here's Looking At You Kid - Melanie Miller

Second Place Portrait – Here’s Looking At You Kid – Melanie Miller

Second Place Social Function - From Seattle With Love - Derick Le

Second Place Social Function – From Seattle With Love – Derick Le

Third Place Commercial - Dinner On the Piazza - Steve Czigan

Third Place Commercial – Dinner On the Piazza – Steve Czigan

Third Place Illustrative - Glacier Lagoon - Victor Barrera

Third Place Illustrative – Glacier Lagoon – Victor Barrera

Third Place Portrait - Cliff Diver - Pat Lowe

Third Place Portrait – Cliff Diver – Pat Lowe

Third Place Social Function - The Urban Lights - Derick Le

Third Place Social Function – The Urban Lights – Derick Le

Fall 2015 Salon Competition Results

Our Fall Salon (image competition) was held on September 22nd. Thank you to all who entered as we know how nervous we all get when entering. And Congratulations to all who merited and those who placed! Please see the list of our winners from each category below and congratulate them next time you see them!

This salon, we had four esteemed judges who spent the afternoon judging all the images and then during the meeting, discussed the score and every image that was entered. We’ve received great feedback from our Members on this method because it provides so much more education than just watching and listening to the judges score.

We’d like to thank Joe & Mary Jean Campanellie from Palm Coast, Pepito from Tampa, and our very own Susan Michael for judging all the prints for us.

We had a great response with the rotating screen that our Salon Chairman MJ set up with lots of ooooohs and ahhhhhhs. Also, he has yet another surprise for our salon next year!

There were 60 prints entered of which 28 of the images merited. We had 3 people that entered for the first time, and Keith Bartholomew was one of the people.  He Placed 3 times and had a Best of Show.  That was awesome for a first timer! Congratulations, Keith!

Salon Results

1st Place: The Cuban -Rick Bauer
2nd Place: Pure Grace – Melanie Miller
3rd Place: Maguro Bocho Traditions – Keith Bartholomew

Social Function
1st Place: From Disney with Love – Derick Le
2nd Place: Mon Amour – Derick Le
3rd Place: Evening Romance – Derick Le

1st Place: The Color of Laos – Rick Bauer
2nd Place: Light House Geometry – Keith Bartholomew
3rd Place: On the Rocks – Rick Bauer

1st Place: Last Parking Lot Under the Starts – Keith Bartholomew
2nd Place: Sleeping Birds – Rick Bauer
3rd Place: Riverfront Celebration – Tammy Czigan

Last Parking Lot Under the Starts – Keith Bartholomew

Susan Michal’s Fine Art Gallery Event

You’re Invited!

Susan Michal will present a Fine Art Gallery Event titled “FLOWERS IN TRANSITION” on October 29th, 2015 at the Thrasher-Horne Center for the Arts. There will be a Public Artist Reception from 7:30pm – 9:00pm.

Please RSVP to:

Flowers in Transition is a photography exhibition featuring the fine art flower photography of Susan Michal.

A note from the artist: When you look at a flower through the camera lens you see things that you may never have noticed when viewing them with the naked eye. I love the complex textures, the intense colors and the unexpected shapes. Some are soft and gentle in their beauty, some are bold, many are funny and some are just strange, proving that God has an intense sense of humor and a strong imagination. I am very aware of the short life that flowers have, and have been very interested in photographing them as they transition through the stages of bud to bloom and death.
Susan Michal’s fine art book, Flowers in Transition will be available for pre-purchase during the exhibit.
Prints exhibited will be available for purchase.
Show Dates:
The show opens October 29th.
Gallery Hours:

Monday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Tuesdays through Thursdays 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. 
Open through all performances,  admission is free.
Exhibit Location:
The Thrasher-Horne Center is located on the SJR State Orange Park Campus at 283 College Drive.

Proposed 2016 JPPG Board of Directors

At our September 22nd meeting, our Immediate Past President, Keely Deuschle, presented the proposed slate of Board of Directors for 2016 to our Membership, as put together by the Nominating Committee and approved by the current Board of Directors.

In accordance with our Bylaws, we are publishing the proposed slate of Officers and Elected Board members for review by our Members prior to the October 27th meeting, at which time the proposed slate will be voted upon by our Membership. Appointed Board Members are appointed by the President and will not be voted upon at the beginning of the meeting. At the October meeting, we will also accept any nominations from the floor. All nominations made from the floor must carry with them the consent of the persons so nominated.

As we present these Board members, we would also like to take a moment to thank our current Board members who will be stepping down: Kevin Floyd, Ken Moran, and Ramfis Campiz. Each of these individuals have given an incredible amount of time to the Guild and we are very grateful for their service.

Proposed Officers:

  • Dan Harris – President
  • Michael Joseph – Vice President/Director of Programs (also Chair of Education and Salon)
  • Jeff Nelson – Vice President/Director of Membership (also Chair of Charities)
  • Melanie Miller – Secretary (also Chair of People’s Choice)
  • Carol Charbonneau – Treasurer (also Chair of Door Prizes)

Appointed Board Members (Appointed by President):

  • Keely Deuschle – Website and Pro(b)log Editor (also Chair of Social Media)
  • Karen Joseph – Communications (also Chair of Sunshine Committee)

Proposed General (Elected) Board Members:

  • Pat Lowe – (assisting with Charities, People’s Choice, and Door Prizes)

As our current President, Kevin Floyd, is stepping down from the Board, we will not have an Immediate Past President position; however, two Past Presidents – Keely Deuschle and Michael Joseph – will serve in that capacity, as needed.

Spring Salon 2015 Results

Congratulations to our 2015 Spring Salon Winners and to all of those who merited!


1st Place “Children of the Inca” – Rick Bauer
2nd Place “Early Morning Wow Factor” – Pat Lowe


1st Place “Okeefenokee Pond” – Pat Hutton
2nd Place “The Watercooler” – Pat Lowe
3rd Place “Hidden In the Hills” – Scott Beahan

Social Function

1st Place “From Bodie with Love” – Derick Le
2nd Place “Sleepless In Seattle” – Derick Le
3rd Place “A Time to Reflect” – Scott Beahan


1st Place “Keen Eyed” – Olis Garber
2nd Place “You First!” – Pat Lowe
3rd Place “Forty Years a Cowboy” – Pat Lowe

Best of Show

“Keen Eyed” Olis Garber

Congratulations to JPPG Members – PPA Degrees, Medalists, Certification

Our JPPG family extends a congratulations to several of our JPPG Members on their recent accomplishments and recognitions!

Certified Professional Photographer

We are very excited that our own Tammy Czigan has recently become JPPG’s newest Certified Professional Photographer (CPP). This is a designation that less than 3% of all professional photographers earn. Those who have earned the Professional Photographic Certification have passed a comprehensive written exam measuring their technical expertise, and have successfully submitted their work to a panel of judges for review and approval. Individuals must be re-certified every 3 years to retain their certification. Tammy proudly joins our other JPPG CPPs Cliff Addy, Jennifer Mosley-Connell, Damon Fecitt, Kevin Floyd, Susan Michal, and Keely Deuschle. Congratulations, Tammy! Learn more about Certification.

PPA International Photographic Competition Medalists

We also extend a congratulations to our JPPG Members who were Medalists in PPA’s 2014 International Photographic Competition and who were recognized at the Grand Imaging Awards in February 2015 in Nashville, TN.

  • Platinum Medalists: Platinum Medalists had three images included in the PPA Loan Collection and one image in PPA’s General Collection. Congratulations to our Platinum Medalists,  Ken Moran and Susan Michal.
  • Silver Medalists: Silver Medalists have achieved the inclusion of one photographic image into PPA’s Loan Collection and three images into PPA’s General Collection. Congratulations to our Silver Medalist, Keely Deuschle.

PPA Master of Photography Degree Recipients

And finally, we proudly congratulations two our JPPG Members on earning their PPA Master of Photography Degree at the 2015 Award and Degree Ceremony in Nashville, TN. We congratulate Keely Deuschle and Kevin Floyd on this incredible accomplishment. The Master of Photography, abbreviated M.Photog., is awarded for superior photographic skills—demonstrated through the PPA International Photographic Competition, advanced education and service to the industry. Keely and Kevin proudly join our other JPPG Master Photographers Rick Bauer, Olis Garber, Michael Joseph, Susan Michal, and Marianne Pophal. Congratulations, Keely and Kevin! Learn more about PPA Degrees.

PPA President Susan Michal

We’d be remiss if we didn’t congratulate our own Susan Michal on an incredible year as PPA’s President. And what a way to end the year – an amazing convention in Nashville, TN with record attendance of 11,000+. We are so very proud of you, Susan!

Member Graduation Thesis & Exhibition

Our of our very own JPPG members, John Anderson, is about to graduate from The Art Institute of Jacksonville with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography (Magna Cum Laude). The AIJ will be hosting John’s Graduation Thesis & Exhibition at The Jacksonville Landing, Suite 116, on December 3 from 5 to 9pm. Members are encouraged to drop by and help John gain extra credits with a good turnout. JPPG extends its congratulations and best wishes to John!

September meeting report

At our September meeting, we welcomed five guests, and one new member.


  • The Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event is coming up on Saturday, October 11th. JPPG is in desperate need of photographic volunteers. An email is being sent out soon with more details. You can also contact Ken Moran either by phone or email.
  • Registration is now open for Imaging USA. It will be held on February 1st – 3rd in Nashville. Many famous photographers will be speaking at Imaging, and we hope to see you there.
  • The slate of next year’s officers, appointed members, and elected members was presented and will be published on the JPPG website in the next few days. We will vote at the October meeting.
  • More Super Monday classes will start soon.

Upcoming Speakers:

October: Laurie Yeater
November: James Churchill

There will be no meeting in December, instead we’ll have our annual Holiday Party.

This month, instead of our usual seminar, we hosted the semi-annual Salon competition. However, things functioned a little differently this go. This time, all the judging was done before hand, in the early afternoon. Then, during the normal meeting time, the judges went through each image and discussed some of the things they thought could be done to the image to make it better. Total, we had 11 entrants, and 63 images. The winners of each category are listed below.

1st: Ken Moran
2nd: Rick Bauer
3rd: Rick Bauer

1st: Pat Huttin
2nd: Olis Garber
3rd: Cliff Addy

Social Functions
1st: Cliff Addy
2nd: Dan Harris
3rd: Olis Garber

1st: Tammy Czigan
2nd: Steve Czigan
3rd: Rick Bauer

Electronic Manipulation
1st: Ken Moran

Best of Show: Ken Moran

After Salon wrapped up, 17 of us headed over to Chili’s for dinner.

— Samantha Addy

Proposed Slate for 2015 Board Of Directors

Voting will take place at our next general meeting on October 28.

President: Kevin Floyd
1st Vice President (Programs): Ken Moran
2nd Vice President (Membership): Jeff Nelson
Treasurer: Dan Harris
Secretary: Pat Lowe
Immediate Past President: Keely Deuschle

FPP Delegate: Ramfis Campiz
Prolog: Scott Beahan
Communications: Karen Joseph
Web: Cliff Addy
Education: Michael Joseph

General Board: Carol Charbonneau
General Board: Melanie Miller