April 28th | Finding Your Artistic Side with Dennis Hammon

In today’s market it is important to find a niche that attracts discerning clients seeking a unique style. With a degree in Biology and Sciences, Dennis’ love of the out of doors was a natural progression to his love of photographing the wonderful world we live in. Fine Art photography was a natural process in Dennis’ evolution of photography. Like many budding photographers he started taking pictures of scenery and landscapes. Living only 90 miles from Yellowstone Park and Teton National Park, these locations gave him the ideal place to hone his landscape skills.  

Not limiting himself, he has traveled across the U.S., Mexico, Canada and Europe to photograph images for his Fine Art Collection. Using his knowledge from photographing fine art, Dennis has increased his awareness of details, lighting, and composition. While his fine art started out as a hobby, Dennis has proven his work by showing his work in galleries across the country.  

Dennis Hammon

Dennis will lead you through the creative process of finding locations, developing a mindset to transform your images in to works of art and he will help you understand the principles of exposure, composition, line and design and how to develop an eye to find those images that can be so elusive.  

Dennis is a PPA Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman, PPA Certified and an Affiliated Juror. Twice named Photographer of the year by Intermountain PPA and Master of the year in Idaho PPA eight times, Dennis also has been awarded over a dozen Kodak Gallery awards and numerous Fuji Masterpiece awards. With over 130+ images accepted by the PPA and numerous Loan images attest to his love of print competition.  Dennis has also earned the “Excellence in Imaging Award” and 2 imaging bars for Loan Images. Most recently Dennis was selected as a Fellow in the American Society of Photographers, the highest degree available by ASP.   

He has been awarded the National Award from PP of Idaho and Utah for outstanding service to professional photography. Loving to share his knowledge, Dennis has taught workshops and seminars across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Europe  

In his work, Dennis strives to express not merely a picture but a reflection of thoughts, feelings and dreams, using his ability to seek both the inner and outer beauty to create a lasting memory. It hasn’t always been easy but after 45 years in business Dennis strives to inspire and motivate photographers to find their artistic side as well as their business side.  

Dennis knows what it is like to dream and succeed! Always believing in the saying “If you are not the lead dog the scenery never changes”.  

Dennis Hammon 

M. Photog. Cr. CPP, F-PPI  F-ASP 

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