JPPG President’s Message – January 2017

Wow! Where has the time gone! 2017 has arrived! It’s the time to reflect, evaluate and set new goals for the New Year. We have had some great programs and FUN learning experiences this past year and look forward to even better ones this next!

Your JPPG board is committed to helping you make this year BETTER than the last! We have put together some exciting programs, activities and hands-on learning experiences to help you bring your photography skills to the next level!

In life, there are lots of setbacks, roadblocks and mishaps that can prevent you from achieving your goals. Make a commitment this year to NOT let those things hold you back or distract you from ultimately achieving your goals. Don’t be so busy sawing that you forget to sharpen the saw! Break out of your comfort zone! Set aside the time this year to attend EVERY JPPG meeting and be open to learning from new and unexpected sources.

Remember we are here to help each other find success! Let us know how we can best help you.


Dan Harris
Dan Harris, JPPG President



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