JPPG President’s Message – March 2017

The year is off to a good start. Everyone enjoyed Olis Garber’s program in January. If you want to add some adventure to your photography and get some exceptional images, go with Olis on his next photographic excursion.

February’s meeting was with the internationally recognized Photoshop guru Dave Cross. I’m sure everyone who attended picked up a new tip that will help propel their workflow for years to come.

March is going to be our hands-on, shootout month. Bring your cameras because we will have several opportunities for shooting and learning: On Sunday, March 19th the world renown Canon Explorer of Light Hason Fong will be giving Jacksonville attendees individualized hands-on tips during the day program while we shoot live models and then that same evening will have an instructional presentation. You can attend just one or both classes as your schedule allows. Check our website for the upcoming details.

Our March 28th regular meeting will also be hands-on, so bring your cameras, as we will have three shooting stations with live models and instructors helping you capture headshots and family portraits in both a studio setup and an outdoor night-lit setting. It will be a night of fun and interactive learning. You will get to see and use different lighting setups with your own camera.

Everyone learns differently, some prefer to learn by reading, some by watching and some by doing. Most people learn and retain information better if they have a good mix. Over the years some of my best learning moments were unexpectedly not from the lecture but often from another classmate or while attempting to implement a concept. We hope March’s inter-active, shoot-out programs will help you learn additional skills to help you with your future success.

Let us know how JPPG can best serve you!


Dan Harris
Dan Harris, JPPG President

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