JPPG President’s Message – Summer 2017

I would like to give a giant “shout out” to our all-volunteer board for doing a great job each month serving our members. And a special ‘shout-out’ to our programs director, Michael Joseph, for his continued work on booking us the BEST nationally recognized speakers! Be sure to let your board members know you appreciate their hard work.

Members of our guild have a real sense of professional pride as they continually strive toward improving their skills and becoming better photographers with an eye toward improving the photography industry, not just by their own work but by their influence on others they come in contact with. I have recently met several budding photographers looking for guidance, answers and sincere help. Most have acknowledged that webinars, seminars and internet research can only bring them so far in their photography career and they ultimately need a mentor to help bring them to the next level. This is where training with like-minded individuals at our meetings helps everyone to advance to that next level.

I too hope I can be the ‘voice of reason’ that can help improve our industry. I was recently contacted by a national real-estate company that contracts photographers to photograph properties throughout the city. They wanted me to set aside 2 days per week for appointments to shoot 40-50 photos of each property and then upload the best 35 images. They require their contractors to have many years of photographic experience, a full-frame sensor camera with a 14-24mm zoom and include all travel expenses. For which they will pay $50 per building but only if the uploaded photos are approved.

My commercial rate on a job like this would start at $2400. My operating costs alone would be $800. So I would have to shoot 8 buildings per day to barely pay my bills (is that even possible given drive times across town?) and 20+ to make any money. Needless to say I was VERY vocal with this vendor in telling them what I thought about their proposal!!! Sadly their pricing IS based on ‘market conditions’ nationally and they ARE able to find monkeys who are willing to work for peanuts. Please educate yourself, your family, your friends and your customers so we can improve our industry so more photographers can make a “living wage” doing what they love to do!


Dan Harris
Dan Harris, JPPG President




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