Lighting is Everything! June 25th Program

Rick Ferro

As a lead photographer and trainer for the Disney Corporation, Rick Ferro will teach you his style of lighting and posing that landed him the job at Disney in 1993 to develop and train their photographers. His award winning images have been seen all over the world and he has received international awards and recognition.

Rick loves to teach and is looking forward to sharing his expertise so you can create beautiful portraits your clients will love!  His comprehensive program will cover:

  • Effective Use of Light
  • How to control the sun in harsh conditions
  • Off-Camera Flash
  • Led Lighting  /  Specialty Lighting using Rotolight
  • Importance of Body Language and posing
  • Posing & lighting couples
$25 Guest Fee
(Non-JPPG Members)

Even if you only photograph the occasional portrait or are a full time wedding photographer, you will benefit from Rick’s lifetime of experience he is graciously happy to share with you. You can look forward to live demonstrations and behind the scenes tips and tricks. We look forward to seeing you at Rick’s program on June 25th!

***Followed by Rick’s bio, model and set-up images, then the typical JPPG wrap-up

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