Linda Long – July 23rd Program

Competition- turning your art into money and marketing

Linda Long, M. Photog. Cr., CPP, FDPE, FSA, FED

Fifteen years ago Linda started a photography business on a whim.  Her hobby quickly grew into a full time endeavor and has grown into the premier Tallahassee portrait and wedding studio.  Linda is the FPP Competition Manager and an IPC juror in training.  She has earned: 2017 FPP Photographer of the Year, The Becker Award, five time Florida Top Ten Photographer, six time Tallahassee Photographer of the Year, and lots of other accolades for her work.

Competition is more than simply selecting and entering your best photographs.  It is a journey which challenges makers to push the limits of their skills and it forces them to grow and change, becoming better photographers through the process.  While competition is widely regarded as the best way to learn and grow, it is rarely seen as a money making endeavor.  Join Linda as she shows you how to turn competition work into a viable component of your business– from bringing in new clients, gaining respect from the community, garnering greater client loyalty and even how you can get clients to pay you to photograph for competition!

$25 Guest Fee
(Non-JPPG Members)


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