Mini Seminars for Photographers

JPPG Mini-Seminars 2016! Special Pricing for Members!

We are happy and excited to present to you the lineup of our Mini Seminars! We have some very gifted professionals in our Guild (and beyond) who have volunteered their time and talent for us! We look forward to seeing you participate! You must pay when you register, no exceptions…sorry!! (If you can’t be there, make arrangements with a friend to sign you up!) So bring cash, checkbook, or your credit card so you won’t miss out on the classes you’d like to take! Sorry, NO email or early registration accepted. Education is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your business, we are so thankful for our wonderful instructors! Most classes will begin at 7:00 and last about 2 to 2.5 hours, unless noted. Also, most class sizes are limited, please respect class limits, they are set to accommodate the speaker, location and class attendees.

We are offering these Valuable Seminars for a great price, affording you the opportunity to take as many classes as you like! The more you take, the better the deal!

Pricing is as follows & prices are “night of sale” only!

1-2 classes: $35.00 each; 3-4 classes: $30.00 each; 5-6 classes: $25.00 each
7 or more classes: $20.00 each (amazing value!)

Check out our VIP All-Inclusive Pass for just $330!
The VIP Pass includes all 22 mini-seminars, guarantees you get the class even if it was sold out and priority seating where applicable!

(This pricing only valid March 22nd… first-come, first-served…
classes will sell out!)

We look forward to seeing all of you in class!
We hope everyone takes advantage of this great opportunity!

Get your JPPG 2016 Printable Mini-Seminar List Here (PDF)
(be sure to bring it with you at our March 22 meeting beginning at 5:45pm)