PPSNF Members Receive FPP Degrees

The Florida Professional Photographers (FPP) convention in August of every year is a time when the FPP presents their Degrees and Special Awards.

This past August, we had three of our own PPSNF members receive their degrees. A huge congratulations to each of them for all the work that went into achieving this milestone!

Teresa Sacks was awarded her Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence.

Marianne Pophal was awarded her Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence.

Donna Campiz was awarded the Florida Service Award

Also awarded was the Outstanding Service Award, which is presented to an individual in each of the affiliate guilds who go above and beyond in their service to their guild. This award was presented to Susan Michal for our PPSNF affiliate. Congratulations and thank you, Susan, for all that you do!

Learn more about these degrees and awards from the Florida Professional Photographers.

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