Proposed JPPG Board of Directors for 2012

At our October Meeting, the proposed 2013 Board of Directors will be voted upon. We are publishing the proposed slate of Officers and elected Board members for review by our Members prior to the meeting. Appointed Board Members are appointed by the President and will not be voted upon. At this meeting, we will also accept nominations from the floor. All nominations made from the floor must carry with them the consent of the persons so nominated.

Proposed Officers:

  • Keely Deuschle – President
  • Kevin Floyd – Vice President/Programs Chair
  • Karen Joseph – Vice President/Membership Chair
  • Tammie Sybelnik – ¬†Secretary
  • Dan Harris – Treasurer

Appointed Board Members (Appointed by President):

  • Scott Beahan – Education Chair
  • Jennifer Mosley-Connell – Website
  • Jesse Mock – Prolog
  • Ramfis Campiz – Delegate

Proposed General (Elected) Board Members:

  • Heather Lynn
  • Jeff Nelson
  • Ken Moran
  • Sarah Pascual

Damon Fecitt – Past President

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