August Meeting – Jane Conner-Ziser: Advanced Techniques in Photoshop

We hope you’ll plan to join us on Tuesday, August 25th, as we welcome Jane Conner-Ziser back to Jacksonville! Jane’s program, Advanced Techniques in Photoshop will give you nuggets of great Photoshop tips. Social time begins at 6:30pm and the meeting will begin at 7:00pm. We hope you’ll join us at Chili’s after the meeting!

Advanced techniques aren’t difficult so much as they require more than superficial knowledge of the software, and if you’re not using it frequently, it’s easy to get into the habit of using just a few tools and techniques for every job – and forgetting that slick way of masking hair that looked so natural that you saw in a presentation or video awhile back but you didn’t use right away and now it’s …. gone 🙁

Jane’s put together some of her favorite slick tricks for making jobs like replacing skys, compositing with beautiful edges, using masks and creating hand art in Photoshop to share with us, plus she’ll bring a variety of images to demo with so if you have a specific request, just let her know and she’ll do her best to include it in the evening’s presentation. Email her ahead of time, if you like!

“I might be a little bit geeky, but I’m not fascinated by the technology of Photoshop so much as I am with what I can do artistically with it. Knowing how a tool is constructed to work allows me to use it creatively. Knowing how most of them work allows me to combine them to achieve exactly what I want in the fastest and easiest way.”

Come join us for a detailed look at specific areas of Photoshop that are commonly used to create image composites and retouching objectives for the professional photography industry.

Jane Conner-Ziser – November 27th Monthly Meeting and November 28th Seminars

We are very excited to present Jane Conner-Ziser as the speaker for our November 27th meeting and two very special day-after seminars!  

The Monthly Meeting topic will be

Photoshop Retouching Secrets / Tools, Tips and Techniques for Mastering Retouching

This presentation will cover all of the tool options for producing great retouching and includes tips on how to approach the retouching process in order to achieve maximum results in the least amount of time. You will learn how to set up a wacom tablet and get practical advice on how to control it. Make a workspace (and save it) for retouching. Learn what the differences are in the brushes and when to use what tool for particular retouching purposes. Learn what to do first, what to remove, what to soften and reshape and what to leave alone. If you think retouching is a plug in, this presentation will set you free to master your own artwork with precision and confidence!

Guests are welcome. If you are a first time guest, you may attend free of charge. Guests who have attended one of our meetings in the past but have not yet joined may either join online for as low as $10/mth or pay a $20 guest charge at the door!

THEN… spend the afternoon or the afternoon AND evening with Jane on Wednesday, November 28th as she presents two additional seminars. $39 for each module or get BOTH for $59 (reg. $149) Sign-up below and select the PayPal button for Module One, Module Two, or the Combo if you will be attending both modules.

 Register below for the November 28th Seminars!

Module One – $39

Module Two – $39

Both Modules – $59

Day Presentation / Module One November 28th 12-4 at Desktop Darkroom

Mastering Photoshop Selections and Masks. In this presentation you will learn how to use the various selection tools in Photoshop – Lasso, Quick Selection Tool, Color Range, etc, plus how to create your own selections using Channel Masks and the Pen Tool. Learn how to combine different selection options, refine masks (for tough jobs like hair and feathers) to create edges that have varying amounts of feathering. Learn what it takes to combine images together and make it look real.

Day Presentation / Module Two November 28th 6:30-9:30 at Desktop Darkroom

Fine Art Portrait Retouching with a Touch of Painter. Two hours of fine art portrait retouching combined with an intro to Painter. In this session Jane will show you her best techniques for creating high end portrait retouching, including hair and eye work, body work and painting with light. After, she will show you how easy it is to turn the photograph into a painting using the intuitive painting program, Corel Painter. Learn how to pre plan a painting to be visually distinctive from the original photo to add a new level of portrait product for your customers to enjoy.