“You need strength, determination, and of course inspiration to take that big leap into photography competition.” ~Michelle~

So get ready to laugh, possibly cry, but more importantly be inspired as Michelle takes you along her photography journey. She will talk about her inspiration on 10 of her latest competition images showing you straight out of camera images, camera settings, and her final images that were competed. She will walk you through each image and answer any questions you may have along the way. Michelle will also have on display her lighting equipment to help visualize how each image was created. 

Michelle just celebrated her 7 year photography anniversary.  On December 12, 2012 she had her first session not know anything about photography. Everything was in manual and she didn’t even know the basic terms of photography such as ISO or fstops. However, with her determination she taught herself photography and overcame the hurdles photography sometimes brings us. By her 5th year she received her first international award-winning image along with Florida’s Emerging Artist Award. Within her 2 short years of competing she has won over 70 awards including The Becker Award in Florida’s Professional Photography Focus Competition.

$25 Guest Fee

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