The Jacksonville Professional Photographers Guild will host their Fall Photographic Image competition (Salon) on Tuesday, September 22nd. We are hoping that all of our members will enter! So, get your images ready! Early registration and entry fees ($40) are due on Friday, September 18th, by 11:59pm and images are due by 11:59pm on Monday, September 21st. Late registration ($55) accepted after 12:00am on Saturday, September 19th until 11:59pm Monday evening, September 21st.


Judging will be taking place approximately 3:00pm – 6:00pm on the 22nd of September, prior to the regular meeting time. Once the meeting has officially started for the evening (7:00pm), the scores will be announced for each print, and the judges will take turns critiquing each image. The afternoon judging may be attended but this format is designed to make the evening critique stronger, in terms of education, because each image will be addressed by the judges!

REMEMBER!!! Guests can attend the salon at NO-CHARGE! And first-time competitors can enter their images for FREE!

Click here for more details about Salon and a link to the official rules

There are TWO ways to pay your entry fee. You may pre-register by using the links below, or you can pay by check made out to

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