November 17 | Gear & Gadget Extravaganza with George Barroso

You have invested thousands on your cameras & lenses and should know how to protect them. George will teach you how to keep your photo equipment at peak performance and extend the life of your gear by doing some simple maintenance.

Topics will include:

  • Image sensor cleaning and how to check for dust (and avoid dust in your photos)
  • What materials to use to maintain your camera gear and how to properly use them to extend the life of your equipment
  • Lens maintenance and cleaning
  • How to micro adjust focus on your lens for optimal image capture
  • George will be using the Lens Align II (Michael Graves) device to align a lens and teach you how to do this yourself
  • Q/A session

Bonus: George has made a generous offer to service and clean TWO member cameras! If you would like to have a chance to have your camera cleaned, bring your camera body, come to the meeting and enter the drawing for a chance to win!

But Wait There’s More!

You’ll also have an opportunity to check out some really cool pieces of gear that will help you take your photography to the next level. We have arranged for several of our members to bring some of their favorite gadgets for you check out and add to your wish list.

We hope you can join us!

Since George was a youngster he was fascinated by photography and often took things apart to see how they worked. His first camera was a Minolta X-700 film camera. From that he expanded to Nikon F3 and the Nikon system.  

He had his film developed at a local Boston studio and print house and was offered a position shooting studio and wedding images. He left that job to join the US Air Force, where he got quite a bit of electronics and repair experience. When he left the service, he was hired by Canon USA  as  specialized in the EOS 1 series and EOS 3 and their XL1, Canon’s top video camera at the time. 

His career took him to Sony’s broadcast camera area where he specialized in TV studio cameras and lenses, then to Circuit City and Best Buy stores where he trained all their in-house technicians on video camera and lens repair. 

In 2014, George’s solid experience led him to open a digital camera repair business in Massachusetts. He moved to Jacksonville at the end of 2018 where he continues to provide expert camera repairs for both amateur and professional photographers.  

People’s Choice
Members bring your people’s choice prints to the rear of our meeting room by 6:51pm. You may enter one print in both the portrait and landscape categories. If you would like for someone to print your entry, look for your JPPG newsletter for instructions to have your print made and delivered to the meeting for you!

When and Where?
We meet at the Ramada Inn in Mandarin (I-295 and San Jose Blvd). Social time begins at 6:30pm with announcements and meeting beginning at 7:00pm.

Not a JPPG Member? You are welcome here! Check out JPPG Membership options and email with any questions. Due to Covid we need everyone to fill out the RSVP below by noon on Friday, November 13th. Masks, social distancing and a waiver of liability will be required.

First time Guest? Great! If this is your first time visiting, your guest fee is waived and your very first meeting is FREE!

Returning Guest? Welcome Back! If you aren’t ready to join yet, no problem. Please fill out the RSVP below and return to this page to pay your $25 guest fee or you can pay at the door. We look forward to seeing you again. If you decide to join that evening, your guest fee will be applied to your membership fee.

$25 Guest Fee

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