As photographers we think that creating a business is simple: take great photographs and the general public will be beating your door down (or these days filling your inbox with emails) trying to hire you. Unfortunately, business and life are not that simple. You have to find your clientele. You need to create a brand that makes you stand out and be desired. You need to know how to market and sell to provide for a great living. This program is about the need to find people that can afford your work, the need to get the right return for the time you invest with your clients, and the ways for your people to so desire your product so that money is secondary in their minds. Find out how Luxury is a Necessity.

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MONICA SIGMON         M.Photog.Cr.

Monica opened her studio in 2000 and quickly built a successful business with a reputation for excellence and cutting-edge imagery. She has earned the Masters and Craftsman Degrees from the Professional Photographers of America, was named Kodak’s Photographer to Watch and is currently serving as a Creator-in-Residence for Sony.

Monica is a popular speaker and travels to speak to professional photographers around the country. She has earned the reputation for providing entertaining programs that focus on marketing and building your brand; energizing seasoned studio owners and inspiring new photographers a like.

MICHAEL TAYLOR          M.Photog. Cr., Hon.- M.Photog., F-ASP, API. 

Michael owned a successful portrait studio in Pasadena for over 20 years. He has served as past President of American Society of Photographers. In addition he was a past President of the Professional Photographers of America. Among his many awards and degrees include the Fellowship of the American Society of Photography. He has taught around 400 speaking engagements and seminars. Which include 30 events internationally.

He is especially known for his ability in creating portraits on location. The ability to find lighting or create lighting is his specialty.

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