Membership Information

Apply for JPPG Membership. Download and complete the Membership Application, and submit in person, via email or U.S. Mail. 

Why Become a Member of JPPG? More hands-on learning approaches, workshops with top photographers, mini-seminars, fun social events, hands-on-shootouts, discounts on workshops and seminars, and more are ALL benefits for membership. JPPG offers many learning opportunities that will help you grow your business, improve your photographic technique and really get to know like-minded professionals in your area.

Membership Benefits

Education: Many educational opportunities throughout the year, including mini-seminars, full-day events with top photographers, in addition to the speakers at our monthly meetings. Be sure to check our calendar of events!

Monthly Meetings: Join other like-minded professional photographers on the fourth Tuesday of each month for education, a People’s Choice image competition, socializing and networking with other professionals in our industry.

Digital Image Competition: Put your photographic skills to the test by competing with other professionals in a Salon Image Competition held at least once a year. Entering on a local level can help you to receive feedback on images you may be considering entering at a state, regional or national level.

People’s Choice: Challenge fellow photographers at each monthly meeting to see which images our members pick as favorites!

A Network of Photographers: This like-minded group understands that we all benefit when the photography industry prospers and will go out of their way to help their fellow photographer in need. If a member is injured, ill or needs some assistance, advice, training or just needs to borrow a piece of equipment they have the support of dozens of other local JPPG members they can rely on for help!

Mini Seminars: Mini classes are held at different times throughout the year and are available to our members. Class topics vary from year to year, but most are filled up quickly!

Membership Levels & Dues

JPPG offers a range of membership types for everybody involved in our trade.  The membership categories are listed below and details can be found in our Bylaws or contact our Director of Membership for more information. Membership dues are pro-rated on a quarterly basis. Please check with the Membership Committee after the first quarter for current dues amount. Please note that if paying online, dues are slightly higher to offset fees. 

Membership Level
Memberships Included
New Members
Renewing Members
Professional Membership
General Membership
Student Membership
Additional Member
Past President Membership
$ 1/2 of Ind.
Lifetime Membership


Apply for Membership

To apply for membership complete the Membership Application. If you are not officially in business, you are welcome to join as a General Member. If you generate photography income and would like to be considered for Professional Membership and be listed on our public Find A Photographer Directory, you must provide a copy of your current State of Florida Sales Tax Certificate with your completed application, and provide an updated copy annually. Each member must complete a separate application, but payments may be combined. 

Please make checks payable to JPPG.

You may present your application at a JPPG meeting, email to:, or mail to: 

P.O. Box 28375

Jacksonville, FL 32226

Helpful Resources

You’ll find help to get your business “legal” on our Helpful Resources for Photographers page, which includes the link to apply for your Sales Tax ID.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our Director of Membership.