Congratulations to our 2015 Spring Salon Winners and to all of those who merited!


1st Place “Children of the Inca” – Rick Bauer
2nd Place “Early Morning Wow Factor” – Pat Lowe


1st Place “Okeefenokee Pond” – Pat Hutton
2nd Place “The Watercooler” – Pat Lowe
3rd Place “Hidden In the Hills” – Scott Beahan

Social Function

1st Place “From Bodie with Love” – Derick Le
2nd Place “Sleepless In Seattle” – Derick Le
3rd Place “A Time to Reflect” – Scott Beahan


1st Place “Keen Eyed” – Olis Garber
2nd Place “You First!” – Pat Lowe
3rd Place “Forty Years a Cowboy” – Pat Lowe

Best of Show

“Keen Eyed” Olis Garber

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