Why Should You Hire a JPPG Photographer?

If you value your wedding, family and business images and want a professional photographer that is committed to providing a high level of expertise and experience then you should hire a Jacksonville Professional Photographers Guild photographer.

JPPG photographers invest in education and training to provide you with the best quality images possible. Most work full-time and build their livelihoods on their reputations and work as a photographer. JPPG photographers must also adhere to a strict set of ethical standards and code of conduct.

Each Professional JPPG member must submit a copy of their current State of Florida Sales Tax Certificate identifying them as a legal business in the State of Florida.

Finally, for event photographers, the guild serves as an emergency back-up network if one of our members was unable to photograph an event due to illness or injury.

This like-minded group understands that we all benefit when the photography industry prospers and will go out of their way to help their fellow photographer in need.

A Commitment to Excellence

Photographs of your wedding, children and other events are treasured family heirlooms that chronicle your life. As a business owner or employee, you may also need images to present your executives, products and company in the most professional way through photographer and design.

Interview several photographers and ask for their credentials. Membership in a professional association is vital to the education and professionalism of photographers.

Review images from professional photographers and you’ll see an understanding and even mastery of flattering poses, effective lighting and proper photographic technique.

Trust your images only to those who invest in themselves, their work and their profession.